Justin Bieber Video Deposition

I’ve personally recorded a lot of contentious video depositions, which means I’ve heard more than my fair share of obscure banter between aggressive attorneys and defensive witnesses – and the uploaded video segment of the deposition of Justin Bieber is no exception.

justin bieber video deposition

One could argue that the testimony of Justin Bieber during his deposition unravels just as one would expect from a Hollywood celebrity. Have a look for yourself. The real question is, “Can he actually just answer a question?” Because I can assure you, the average person would not get away with giving the answers he does. Further proof and fuel to the fire that people of celebrity status do no need to follow the rules like regular people. That’s just the way it is.

And in the end, we all reap what we sow. From what I have witnessed, we create the deponents we record. They merely give us what we expect. After all, the trial is a production woven from the snippets that suit the story teller; in this case, the attorneys. And these stories will be told, sold and then get old – right in front of a  comatose jury.

Have a great day!

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“Depositions From The Skies” by Jason Wertzberger

Edward Snowden. The new King of Controversy. Hate him, or Love him, you’ve got to admit – he has changed the face of what we believe.

Do you think the NSA would be in the headlines as much as they are if it weren’t for the revelations provided to the world by Edward Snowden? And if so, is he really a traitor?

Pentagon Blimp Camera

Pentagon Blimp Camera?

From his cold dead hands, we will be thanking him for this knowledge:


Do you really believe that we have 0% protection from cruise missiles near our coastal waters? Are you serious?

Once they turn up the microphones pointed at you, you won’t need to be under oath. You’re daily activity, actions and future thoughts will all be in your deposition transcript.

Have a nice day.

- Deposition.TV

Depositions Become Public Information

There’s no information – like disinformation. Which is usually what a deponent will offer during a deposition.

But when personal information becomes public information, it may seem like fun for the audience, until you, the audience, become the deponent.

Every dog has his day. The question is, who’s currently having a Dog Day Afternoon?

Enjoy the legal gossip while you can, because as all counsel will tell you, ‘Turnabout is Fair Play.’

Enjoy your day. Don’t forget to “facebook” depositions. They sure are fun to watch.

Disclaimer: Deposition.TV and/or it’s agents have no participation in any publicly shared depositions. This column is meant for entertainment purposes only, as it is a stand alone commentary on social legal interest :)

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